Friday, February 28, 2014

Affordable Care Act and the Alliance

Between September 30, 2013 and February 23, 2014 the Health Promotion Advisers at the Alliance spoke to 15,862 consumers about what the Affordable Care Act means to them.  There were many important lessons but the top ten were:
  1. All consumers know that insurance is important to have.
  2. The state you live in makes a huge difference.
  3. Consumers like to know what are all of their options.
  4. Technology is a great tool but it is not enough.
  5. Mobile platforms are essential.  
  6. If you have never had health insurance, or even if you did, the language of insurance is confusing.
  7. Comparisons based solely on monthly cost is the wrong way to make a selection.
  8. Co-pays should be more accurately described as "you pay"
  9. Coverage for mental health needs to be upfront.  
  10. Conversations with an informed and trusted source are key.