Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Devious Maids is an Insult to Everyone

Raul Reyes' commentary in USA Today is on the mark  The new show "Devious Maids" should go into television oblivion.  While it is an adaptation of a novela (Spanish soap opera) the producers overlooked that in the Spanish original all the characters were Hispanic. That makes for a very different story line. The producers even missed in the translation of the title which in English would be, "They are the Joys of the Home."  

Just as damaging are the defensive statements that the story of the maids should also be told. Huh? It is not their story that is being told and most important of all the story where Hispanics are maids has been told so many times.  This type of show only reinforces stereotypes. 

We need other stories about Hispanics and there are plenty of good ones still waiting to be told.