Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Future Health Solutions - Part I (of many)

American politics offer a spectacular view of what makes our country great. While we had a major election and shift in government there were neither tanks in the street nor bullies to keep people away from the polls. We waited on long lines to exercise our American rights and show the world who we really are. Although some of us may take our comforts for granted we have much to be proud of and that will see us through the economic turmoil which is still to come.

The freefall in the investment community and the government bailout surely indicate that our capitalism needs to be tempered with decisions that take into account the greater good. What has that got to do with health? Absolutely everything. Ethics must guide decisions not only in the non-profit world but also in the for-profit sector. We can craft an uniquely American health solution that involves both the private and public sectors...but only if the greater good guides our decisions in both sectors. After an election it is our resolve as a nation to work together and solve problems that will lead to solutions which are totally American. The best is yet to come.